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Client Case: Ongoing consumer collaboration to strengthen the Axe brand positioning

Apr 28, 2017 Future Talkers
CCB, client case, our work

AXE, one of Unilever’s most popular brands in the personal care category, has decided to change its strategy to be appealing to a wider audience. With this change, Unilever wants to get continuous consumer feedback on its new positioning, underlying brand activation and product offerings in order to maximise their chance of in-market success.

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Measuring coffee concepts in context for Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Jul 21, 2016 Future Talkers
client case, coffee, gamified mobile design, our work

Consumer behavior is triggered by the context or occasion one is in as well as by one’s mood, habits and emotions. Correspondingly, purchase decisions are influenced by both the external and the internal factors of the context consumers are in. Yet we keep on conducting survey research without taking these context elements into account. The majority of survey research projects are filled out by participants who are supposedly sitting at their computer, but we are missing out on any information on their contextual background.

If context has such an impact on our decisions, why do we not take it into account when measuring concept performance? Together with Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), a multinational tea and coffee company, we tested a new mobile survey approach to test the impact of context in concept validation research.

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Optimizing the website selling/buying experience for 2dehands.be

Jun 29, 2016 Future Talkers
CCB, client case, our work

2dehands.be is the Belgian market leader in online classifieds with more than 6.4 million unique visitors a month and over 4 million listings. The interest of their visitors is always the highest priority, whether about functionality, commerce or marketing; the needs of the visitor comes first. For this specific program, 2dehands.be was looking to optimize the connectivity between buyers and sellers on 2dehands.be for a more efficient and trustworthy communication, ultimately leading to a higher chance of closing the deal.

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Putting Mithra Pharmaceuticals’ tagline ‘Inspired by women’ into practice

Apr 19, 2016 Future Talkers
client case, health, our work, wellbeing

In 1999, Mithra Pharmaceuticals pioneered in Women’s health with accessible contraception for women. Today, Mithra continues to focus on development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative and differentiated solutions dedicated to female healthcare.

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Sweets for my sweet and sugar for my honey

Feb 25, 2016 Future Talkers
CCB, client case, our work

Since we still feel the loving vibes of the Valentine's Day celebration (we should feel them all year long, isn't it?) and all it's wonderful sweet-tooth gifts, one thing comes to mind and it just so happens that it has to do with our work and client: sugar.
Read below how we help brands get more insight in the consumer's needs and trends.

The Südzucker group was formed in 1926 and is one of the leading food producers in Europe and the leader on the European sugar market with a sugar production of round 4.8 million ton.

There was a clear need to get in-depth understanding of the German sugar consumer in general, of the Südzucker consumer more specifically, and on key information about the real added value aspects the Südzucker brand (should) offer(s).

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Co-Creating Adecco’s World of Work Strategy

Oct 22, 2015 Future Talkers
CCB, co-create, our work

As the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, the Adecco Group aims at becoming one of the leading forces shaping the world of work. To better understand and anticipate the continuous evolution in the employment market and to sharpen the long-term strategic direction of the company, Adecco wanted to develop an outside-in approach.

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Taking The Research Time Machine To A Gen-Z Dominated World Beyond 2020

Oct 06, 2015 Future Talkers
Esomar, Gen-Z, our work

What will research look like in 2020 and beyond? Let us take you through a day in the life of a GenZ researcher. This future generation will not only be your newest consumer, but they will also dominate the job market as future researchers and clients. Are we ready to embrace this young generation in research?

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Client Case: Mapping the Health&Wellness shopping journey for Dannon

Aug 14, 2015 Future Talkers
client case, our work

To reframe its understanding of the in-store experience, Dannon initiated the Healthy Minded Peoplecommunity. By understanding the shopping behavior and context of consumers who aspire a lifestyle of Health & Wellness, Dannon can now take practical steps to enhance the shopping experience and make it more accessible, exciting and engaging.

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Client Case: Feeding the innovation funnel for beauty and hair care for P&G

Aug 06, 2015 Future Talkers
client case, our work

Procter & Gamble has a long tradition of consumer centricity, re-affirmed by its mantra that the consumer is boss. In line with this vision, the P&G global research center in Singapore wanted to bring in a new consumer connect capability by setting up an ongoing global Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) across its core markets.

The key objective was to increase market understanding, facilitate consumer collaboration throughout the innovation process and drive organizational change.

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Client Case: Understanding the tea landscape for Pepsi Lipton

Jul 09, 2015 Future Talkers
client case, our work

Pepsi Lipton is a joint venture between PepsiCo and Unilever, focused on 3 core brands: Lipton Ice Tea, Brisk and Pure Leaf. To drive growth for their brands, Pepsi Lipton wanted to understand better consumers’ food & beverage occasions. Next to that, they wanted to assess how their brands are performing against consumers’ needs and look for growth opportunities within these key occasions.

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