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NextGen is dreaming of a better world

Apr 26, 2017 Future Talkers
gender equality, GenY, GenZ, infographic, NextGen

Let’s be honest: in today’s rapidly changing polarized political climate, we do hope that a new young generation of leaders will soon step up to decide which direction the world is heading in, before it’s too late.

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How kids influence where we go on holiday

Mar 20, 2017 Future Talkers
Gen-Y, Gen-Z, Holidays, Infographic

Unless you’re living somewhere in the Pacific or any other year-round sunny destination, you’re probably also feeling the chilly spring kicking in and are longing for summer holidays and warm travel destinations. Time to let the planning begin! If you have kids, chances are high that they will be the ones choosing your holiday destination.

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What’s on today’s youth’s bucket list

Mar 06, 2017 Future Talkers
generation Y, generation Z, infographic

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin’ bad, buy all of the things I never had. Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen…” This might be on Bruno Mars’ wish list for when he becomes a billionaire (and with a net income of 75 million in 2016 alone he might be getting there soon). Billionaire-ship might not be so near for us average humans, this does not mean we do not have a bucket list in mind.


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A cross-generational Valentine infographic: That’s the way 💘 goes

Feb 14, 2017 Future Talkers
infographic, love, valentine's day

Would you kiss on a first date? According to a recent InSites Consulting survey, 7 out of 10 Millennials (aged 20 to 36) wholeheartedly says ‘yes’. The Dutch surprisingly enough appear to be the most reticent among the interviewed countries: only 56% of their Millennials would kiss on a first date. Your biggest chance of a kiss on the first date is in Sweden (79%).

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Back to school is cool... and pricey

Sep 13, 2016 Future Talkers
infographic, sales and marketing, school

Back-To-School 2016 is officially here! 

To "celebrate" the end of summer fun - and drown out the back-to-school jitters that are induced by all those impending wedgies and hurt feelings - kids are ready to give their full attention to what is perhaps the only real joy of starting a new school year, back-to-school shopping!  

Back-To-School is the second largest retail holiday in the US! This year, it's expected to rake in an unbelievable $828 BILLION!

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Moms’ back-to-school shopping habits

Sep 15, 2015 Future Talkers
back to school, health&diet, infographic

They always say time flies when you’re having fun. And yes, we have to face it: this beautiful summer is already over again. But let’s not grieve for too long, because apart from looking forward to a new school year, we can also look back on the beautiful memories the summer of 2015 brought us. So what does this new school year mean for us, Millennials? Some of us will be starting a new career, a new education or just a new adventure. For the Millennial moms amongst us, however, this means a new school year for their boy or girl. And I can only assume it brings a lot of stress: getting up early to bring your kid to school and making sure they are ready to leave for school with a full, tasty lunch box.

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Infographic: Here's What Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Dads

Jun 16, 2015 Future Talkers
father's day, infographic, smartphone

This month we celebrate Father's Day and how better to do this than by acknowledging that dads have as much responsability, influence and power of decision making when it comes to family matters as much as their fellow counterparts: the moms. 

When it comes to statistics, how do dads use their mobile phones and what for?

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