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The era of averages is over

Jun 11, 2018 Future Talkers
Insights, Marketing, Research

The life expectancy of humans is increasing year after year, yet that of brands and companies is declining at an ever-inclining rate. It is clear that the new reality, characterized by a shift from linearity, craftmanship and scarcity to one defined by acceleration (e.g. of decision-making), automation (e.g. of services) and abundance (e.g. of data) is pressuring brands and marketers to do things differently.

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How brands are jumping on the Galentine’s Day bandwagon

Feb 14, 2018 Future Talkers
Insights, marketing, Valentine

Although the number of singles is growing every year (one of the key trends of the frAGILE bookzine), with recent figures of Euromonitor projecting that 120 million new single households will be added by 2030, being single around February is never a pleasant thing. 

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3 steps towards a truly consumer-centered organization

May 19, 2017 Future Talkers
consumer centric, Insights, marketing

Do you think your company is consumer-centered? Think again. Many companies have different practices in place for defining and delivering great consumer experiences, like voice of the customer programs, co-creation, journey mapping, etc. But the question is: do they make a difference? Is this impacting the loyalty of your customers and does this make you stand out from your competitors? Do they truly bring an outside-in approach and make staff members think and act differently?

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The No Bullshit Brand Diet

May 04, 2017 Future Talkers
insights, marketing, Millennials

Healthy living is no longer a trend or fad followed by a select group of people. It’s a mainstream way of life which consumers strive to achieve every day and apply to every decision they make.

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