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6 words that define the new ‘cool’ for Gen Z

Aug 14, 2018 Future Talkers
Cool Brands, GenZ, Insights

Gen Z, the demographic cohort after Millennials or Gen Y, can be defined as a tech-savvy generation living in an (fr)agile reality where everything is within reach. This triggers Gen Z to explore and experience a wide variety of interests to fuel their personal preferences. Mixing these micro-interest ultimately allows them to craft their unique selves and define their self-identity.

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NextGen is dreaming of a better world

Apr 26, 2017 Future Talkers
gender equality, GenY, GenZ, infographic, NextGen

Let’s be honest: in today’s rapidly changing polarized political climate, we do hope that a new young generation of leaders will soon step up to decide which direction the world is heading in, before it’s too late.

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