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6 words that define the new ‘cool’ for Gen Z

Aug 14, 2018 Future Talkers
Cool Brands, GenZ, Insights

Gen Z, the demographic cohort after Millennials or Gen Y, can be defined as a tech-savvy generation living in an (fr)agile reality where everything is within reach. This triggers Gen Z to explore and experience a wide variety of interests to fuel their personal preferences. Mixing these micro-interest ultimately allows them to craft their unique selves and define their self-identity.

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How youngsters are consuming for a better world

Jul 31, 2017 Future Talkers
Cool brands, Insights, NextGen

The headlines are not hiding it: natural disasters, extreme weather circumstances and scores of shortages are hitting our planet. The attention for the consequences of global warming is rising and people seem to become increasingly aware of the fact that they might be the culprit behind it all. And this growing conscience is making people prepared to act. But also brands should take this into account and react to this need for action. But how can they do that concretely? The answer seems simple: by integrating durability in their offer. For instance by focusing on the plastics issue and tackling the mountain of plastic waste via recycled or ecological alternatives…

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