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News > Get your spook on! Brands vs Halloween ads

Get your spook on! Brands vs Halloween ads

Nov 04, 2014 Future Talkers
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Halloween can mean so many different things to different people. Regardless of who you are, Halloween is a unifying cultural holiday and advertisers relish the opportunity to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns.

Pumpkins, ghosts and zombies are popping up everywhere consumers look, as advertisers seem to be going farther than ever before to incorporate Halloween into their campaigns.

Here is a roundup of the most creative, spookiest Halloween ad campaigns of 2014:

1. Chupa Chups Instagram
Chupa Chups created an Instagram account with an interactive game, allowing users to travel through a haunted house looking for the lost “Lolli”. Users interact with the brand in an exciting way in this spooky Halloween game.

The beauty of this campaign lies in the details. They synthesize interactive gaming with Instagram – two things Millennials can’t get enough of. Another particularly striking feature of the campaign is how Chupa Chups uses the familiar interface of Instagram in a unique way. This game targets Gen Y, a generation that loves interacting with brands in unique ways.

2. Snickers
Snickers’ campaign is focused on creating a scary spin on their usual advertisements. Their current slogan is “You’re not you when you’re hungry”. They expand on this premise in the Halloween advertisements, implying that people turn into scary Halloween monsters when hunger strikes.

Snickers did many things right in their 2014 Halloween campaign. One distinguishing feature is their adherence to their year-round campaign. This is an impressive tactic as it allows Snickers to build off of a slogan that consumers are already familiar with.

3. Ford
Prankvertising’ is an advertising phenomenon that nicely ties in with the spookiness of Halloween. It refers to involving unsuspecting civilians in elaborate pranks, which are videoed and then used as part of the brand’s advertising campaign. Although this is not specific to Halloween, brands cleverly combine Halloween with prankvertising. This is particularly exemplified with Ford’s haunted car wash video.