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The Millennial Bucket List

Mar 16, 2015 Future Talkers
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As much as we fuss over how different Millennials are, some of their preferences are the same as those of their predecessors. When reviewing the results of a recent Millennial InSites Consulting survey, it became apparent that while some areas of Millennials’ bucket lists are clearly shaped by the environment and culture they grew up in, there are also preferences that withstood the test of time.

The number 1 spot on the Millennial’s bucket list is having kids, with 39% of respondents choosing it globally. There is a huge range of countries, genders and age groups when it comes to having children. The smallest percentage lies in India, where only 19% of those surveyed seem interested in producing offspring, whereas the highest percentage comes from Russia, where 63% want children. When considered by gender, 70% of the female Russians surveyed want to have kids. This wide range is indicative of cultural differences, but it is clear that across the tables, eventually, having children is the most important thing to Millennials.

We recently published an article about how becoming a parent changes Millennials’ buying habits and values. As Millennials continue to age to and pass the point of having children, marketers should be on the lookout to appeal to Millennials in their branding. This large demography will be spending a lot on their children.

Marriage claims the number 2 spot on the Millennials’ bucket lists, with 30% of respondents globally adds tying the knot to their bucket list. The variation between countries is not nearly as significant as it was for having children. The range goes from India, where only 20% of respondents seem interested in tying the knot, to Russia, where the percentage jumps to 40%.

However, it is the bucket list items that come after marriage that show how unique Gen Y truly is. Gen Y is the AND/AND generation. They want to fulfill their traditional values AND have unique experiences AND make the world a better place. This is reflected in the range of activities that a significant number of Millennials included in their bucket list. Globally, 19% of Millennials want to save a life and 11% want to go skinny-dipping. 15% want to donate blood and 12% want to have a threesome.

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This is a generation that wants it all – and probably can get it all. Millennials will definitely work hard to cross everything they want off their bucket list.