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Learning from our consumers

Jul 02, 2014 Liesbeth Dambre

Every day we tell our clients how important it is to listen to you, their consumers! But of course, we also need to practice what we preach with our own consumers, the members of our consumer panels. 
That is why we set up a large research study with over 3,000 consumers to participate in a survey. After that survey, 150 consumers participated in our 3-week online research community - the Future Talkers community, where we learned what is important for you, our consumers, and discussed the main results of the survey with you in the community.

We were very interested to learn what drives our panel members to participate and discovered that fun is the main motivator. But also important are learning and being interested in the topics.
Of course, we aim to keep you happy and therefore we invest a lot of time in making research a fun experience. We have a broad offering of research methods, so we are not only limiting ourselves to sending you surveys, we also want to intensify our collaboration with you through more engaging methods such as online research communities. 
The incentive is only the 5th most important motivation, however it is obviously still an important aspect. We value your opinion and want to reward you for your efforts. That is why we changed our incentive system from prize-draw based to reward per participation. So now you can save up money with each effort you make. 
Another aspect we want to listen to is that you expect more! More research studies to participate in, more brands to collaborate with, more subjects to learn about… Through our collaboration with CINT, a panel marketplace, we will offer you more research projects to participate in from other research agencies.
In the final phase of the research, we were able to pre-test our communication material and co-create this with you. So the new invitations, website, Facebook page have been co-created with our members and we will adapt our communication and choice of channels to your wishes. Invites to participate belong in your mailbox and on the website; the Facebook page serves as a place for fun polls and learning interesting facts. 
Looking forward to seeing you in our studies, on our Facebook page and on our website. 
Any questions or remarks, just contact questions@futuretalkers.com.