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News > The 5 best commercials of 2016

The 5 best commercials of 2016

Feb 08, 2017 Future Talkers
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With January gone, we are stepping into the most romantic, lovey-dovey time of the year. This might make us just a little bit nostalgic, so we figured that a rewind into the past year might be exactly what we need!

The best commercials are the ones that attract people and draw their attention to the product or the service that is being advertised. Thus, creating the perfect commercial is a true art that not all master.

We came up with a list of the 5 best commercials of 2016, but be warned that they are the kind to take you on an emotional rollercoaster – just in time for the holiday that celebrates our emotions.

Hyundai – First Date

Let’s kick off this list with a funny yet very good one: the Hyundai First Date Super Bowl commercial. Although (oddly enough) this one didn’t cross my mind during my selection for the Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2016, it does now. The commercial is about a hilarious situation that might look familiar to a lot of dads amongst you: they will go very far to protect their daughters, especially when it comes to boys. In this 1-minute ad, a dad (played by Kevin Hart) hands the keys of his new Hyundai Genesis to the guy who is taking his daughter on a date. The ad shows a feature of the car that allows the dad to track the car location. See for yourself what happens next :)

Amazon – A priest and imam meet for a cup of tea

Let’s go for that first goose bump moment with this Amazon Prime ad, where a priest and imam meet for a cup of tea. But that’s not the full story: when the imam prepares to leave, both of them suffer from sore knees. Afterwards, they both take their smartphones and buy each other the same gift: a very clever one ;). While Amazon realized this might be a sensitive subject to portray, they wanted to be respectful to the religions who are featured in it. With result. Just sit back and enjoy this short story and experience a “goosebumps-and-at-the-same-time-a-smile-on-your-face moment”.

AT&T – It can wait

Another one definitely worth featuring in my top list is AT&T’s new texting-and-driving campaign. Talking about delivering a clear message by using storytelling, this commercial might be a winner. Last year’s campaign was already a very successful one, but this one does not have to be inferior as well. Despite the fact that it’s a rather long commercial, it’s worth watching and hopefully, the clear message reaches you as well. When you already want to start your NY resolution list by the way, here’s already one thing to put on there: Don’t text & drive, it can wait.


Rio Paralympics – We’re the Superhumans

While we’ve spent a lot of attention on the Olympics this year, we must not forget there was another great event as well taking place: the Rio Paralympics. And I have to say that this one has really caught people’s attention more than ever, because of this genius (most shared) Olympics spot. Why is it genius? Because it goes beyond sports. It features not just athletes, but various kinds of physically or mentally challenged people and their integration in every aspect of daily life. Because they can and they do. Just watch it and prepare for the next goose-bump moment.

Google – Year in Search 2016

What better way to end a list with a year review, but different than the one we’re familiar with? As this is not really a commercial, it’s still a video I will remember for a long time. In approximately 2 minutes, Google is trying to summarize what people searched for in 2016; yes, indeed: all the bad things that happened to this world. But instead of focusing on the bad, they focus on the love and hope that surrounded these 2016 lowlights. Goose-bump moment number 3, check. Another thing on your 2017 list, check: love is out there, search on.

Article from: How Cool Brands Stay Hot