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News > A cross-generational Valentine infographic: That’s the way 💘 goes

A cross-generational Valentine infographic: That’s the way 💘 goes

Feb 14, 2017 Future Talkers
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Would you kiss on a first date? According to a recent InSites Consulting survey, 7 out of 10 Millennials (aged 20 to 36) wholeheartedly says ‘yes’. The Dutch surprisingly enough appear to be the most reticent among the interviewed countries: only 56% of their Millennials would kiss on a first date. Your biggest chance of a kiss on the first date is in Sweden (79%).

The first kiss

When comparing 4 different generations, it turns out that the kissing behavior has changed very little. The current Baby boomers (aged 54-71) had their first kiss at the age of 16, Generation X (aged 37-53) and Generation Y (Millennials) at 15 and Gen Z (or at least those who already had their first kiss) at 14.

The younger the generation, the earlier their first kiss. Children become more mature because of media and societal evolutions, or we think so anyway; yet it is striking also that, in 60 years’ time, this first-kiss age has barely changed.

The ideal age for…

Millennials consider 28 as a crucial age to achieve certain things in life: owning their own house, getting married, having children. They are still very keen on living up to traditional values like a solid family, perhaps just because many of them were confronted with broken households and the turbulences involved. They will work hard to cross everything they want off their bucket list, something they probably picked up from being raised by the successful Baby Boomer generation.

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