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News > Post-Valentine balance : how much is love worth?

Post-Valentine balance : how much is love worth?

Feb 17, 2015 Future Talkers
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Love is all you need, they teach us. And in order to receive love, you have to give love. Plain, simple rules to apply for each and everyone. In theory.

But in practice, proving one’s love, sometimes goes beyond sweet words and romantic behavior. Either in a self-conscious act of our own mind or through peer pressure (may that be our partner, our friends or family, or society in general) we decide that a material gift would come more as a confirmation of the love we bear. And so an industry of love has been born.

It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day has expended all over the world, in countries where this celebration doesn't even exist. Who doesn't like to receive (and give) presents in the name of love? And what company, brand or product wouldn't want to make the most of our romantic pledges?

Take a look below at an infographic that shows what we bought and how much we spent on Valentine’s Day. Are the numbers staggering? Yes. But isn't love worth everything, after all? You decide. :)

Via [Global Rose]