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News > Is your brand Millennial-proof?

Is your brand Millennial-proof?

Feb 02, 2015 Future Talkers
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Millennials are still the biggest cohort of our society. Their impact on society has surpassed the influence of any previous generation and they are setting consumer trends for the coming years. 

Successful Millennial brands understood that it’s not merely about engaging with this generation, it’s all about playing an important role in their lives. So do you know what drives this fickle generation and is your brand truly Millennial-proof?

In our brand-new interactive YouTube quizJoeri Van den Bergh (co-author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot) will test your knowledge of what creativity means to this new consumer generation and what really makes them happy. So tune in now for a 3min digital Q&A to Millennial-proof your brand.